Many people have the desire to create an online magazine, either to spread information, knowledge or also to make money.

There is a need to use creativity to bring more attractiveness to the magazine, and with it, create an audience and build loyalty to its audience.

To gain advantage over internet sources of information, magazines must have an excellent design and publish articles with in-depth content on the subject.

In addition, excellence in photography, images and illustrations for the articles are items that cannot be left out.

To complete, the periodicity of the magazine is important, as the public awaits the magazine to see its content.

Printed Magazine or Online Magazine?

With all the technology available, creating an online magazine has become very easy.

And it is one of the most economical ways to publish a magazine, because there are no high printing costs, besides distribution and logistics costs.

An online magazine can reach more readers and create an audience very quickly.

Your online magazine can be on your website, on social networks, in your application.

This lets your reader consume the magazine wherever they want and feel more comfortable, whether it’s on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

You start advertising the next moment you finish designing and publishing the magazine.

Diagram everything

With all the content available for editing, the diagramming step begins.

The layout should make the magazine intuitive, attractive and easy to read for all readers.

For your magazine design, the recommendation is that you have a template to insert/replace the content.

Using the template makes the job of building the magazine much easier, even for those who are not an ace in InDesign.

The important thing about using a template is that its editions will follow a pattern, and this pattern conquers the reader, who also recognizes your magazine by the design and layout.

Publish to Advertise

In general, the final file of a diagrammed magazine is the famous PDF.

From the PDF file, you load the file on a software platform that will make the publication of your magazine.

To publish the magazine you simply enter the magazine’s PDF document and the software instantly converts it into an online publication, making the whole process easier.

Added to this, the platform also follows new usage trends, adapting to computers, tablets and smartphones.

Audiences tend to be increasingly mobile, and publishing your online magazine already prepared for mobile is very useful, since it puts the magazine on the screen of all people who have a smartphone.

For those who just like to write, publishing the magazine online can become something saturating, since it involves works that have little to do with writing.

So, we have created a very simple and efficient publishing system, so that you keep the focus and all your energies on the quality of the contents, the richness of the information and the good experience to the readers.

Interactivity for Complementary

Another facility, exclusivity and why not say advantage of online magazines are the interactivity.

Interactivities are additional items that you insert in your magazine, such as: videos, audios, photos and links to websites and advertisers.

In an article, you can insert a link to a video on YouTube, and the reader by clicking on the link can watch the video, complementing the text you wrote.

In an advertiser page, you insert the link from the advertiser’s website, so the interested reader can go to the advertiser’s website and consume the desired product or service, fulfilling the purpose of the ad.

The interactivity provides an additional level of strategy (and monetization) for your magazine, and we see magazines such as Forbes, Inc, Veja and other publications taking advantage of these resources.