Magazine advertisement is an investment that brings the right clients and therefore great results. If you want to know all about this kind of advertising, keep reading this post: it’s a real manual to clear all your doubts! Let’s go?

Nowadays, when the subject is advertising, there are many channels that can be used as means to publish ads.

After all, the media have suffered great evolutions along the years and the way people consume information too.

Nevertheless, have no doubt: the older channels such as television and magazine are still a great way to advertise products, brands and services, due to the credibility they have among people.

For instance, the great brands, even with strong presence on the Internet, continue investing on publicity on TV channels and magazine pages.

If you are in doubt about making an announce in a magazine, be calm, because you have reached the right post. We have gathered here information as magazine announce value and how to create good announces to take your doubts and help on this mission.

So, enjoy the content, find a publication that has space to sell a magazine ad and put the advertising of your company in sight for qualified readers!

  • Magazine announcement: integrate the online and offline channels
  • Advantages of print advertising
  • Tips to create a good magazine ad
  • How much does it cost to advertise in a magazine?
  • Where to advertise?
  • Magazine advertisement: advertise in a reputable magazine!

Magazine announcement: integrate the online and offline channels

It is important to use the different communication channels in a strategic way, that is, uniting what each one of them has the best characteristics to reach different types of consumers and thus achieve better results.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is common that great brands have strong presence on the Internet and parallel to this also invest a certain value of ad in magazine and other means.

This way, you get to connect with people who consume different means of communication, increasing your recognition and credibility in the sector that acts.

Advantages of print advertising

The magazine is a means that has as main characteristic the segmentation, that is, searching for magazines that approach themes of the segment of your company can make you find the right readers for your ad.

As there is an extensive list of magazines from various segments, you will surely find at least one option that will make sense for your business.

In addition, advertisements in a magazine also have other types of advantages, such as direct contact with opinion makers in your industry and the possibility of deepening the content of the ad, if there is space.

It is also common for readers to associate advertiser brands with the brand of the communication vehicle.

In other words, when choosing a relevant magazine in the market, the credibility of your brand will be better seen.

Tips to create a good magazine ad

First of all, it is recommended to create a summary to detail important information such as the purpose of the magazine ad and the audience you want to talk to, for example.

In this way, the advertisement will have clear and directed information, with greater capacity to transmit to the reader the main essence for it to be created.

To help you in the creation process, we have gathered below some tips to put into practice. Follow them:

Put yourself in place of the readers

When you start planning, remember to think like a reader to get his interest aroused.

So reflect on the type of text, which should be short, but have the complete information.

Also, pay attention to the type of language used in the advertisement magazine, because it must be clear and objective, always adequate to the public.

And, yet, take the chance to show how the company, product or service can offer a solution to the client, sharing essential information about what you offer.

Attention to the 5 seconds rule

This is a very simple rule: it is estimated that a person, when leafing through a magazine, is not likely to stay more than five seconds on the same page if the content does not arouse their interest.

Therefore, remember this rule and create an advertisement that catches the reader’s attention. A good tip for this is to use creative images and short impact phrases that summarize the information you want to share.

Direct the reader to other channels

As we spoke on the first topic of this post, integrate the announcement in a magazine with other channels that your company or brand has.

In other words: direct the reader to the site, social networks or any other existing channel, so that he consumes more information about your product or service and, with this, if he is even more interested in making the purchase.

How much does it cost to advertise in a magazine?

The value of advertising in a magazine is not something standardized, that is, it is a variable factor that depends on some conditions.

In general, the price of magazine advertisement usually varies according to the size and position of the advertisement. Regarding the size, it can be double page, single page and half of a page, for example.

In relation to the position, the price of a magazine ad varies depending on the page it is positioned on.

This is because the position also influences the readers’ visualization, because there are some pages that usually have more reading indexes.

Besides, there is the popularity factor for the magazines, and this also influences on the sale price of magazine announce.

After all, to announce in magazines that have greater circulation, more readers and more respected in the market most of the times promotes also bigger results.

Where to advertise?

First of all, remember to choose the magazine according to the audience that consumes it.

For this, make an analysis to understand the niche that the publication reaches because your ad will also reach those people.

Besides, search for reputable magazines in the segment that your business acts.

Don’t forget to talk with the responsible sector and take all the doubts to understand the reach that the editions have, the amount of readers and specific data about the publicity.

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